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Payments Infrastructure for the Internet.

Accept Every Payment On One Platform & Drive More Sales Anywhere In The World. Start Now. Discover All Payment Options And Make The Most Of Every Online Transaction

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Our Solutions

The perfect solutions for all your payment needs and today, you could supercharge your business easily with 5Pay’s solutions.

Virtual Account

  • Local currency transfer
  • Supported in multi-currency – MYR, VND
  • Intuitive manual transfer
  • Non-restriction in supportedbanks

Fiat to Fiat

  • Local currency transfer
  • Supported in multi-currency – MYR, VND
  • Intuitive manual transfer
  • Non-restriction in supportedbanks

Crypto Solution

  • Decentralized transaction
  • Borderless payment
  • Cheaper alternative
    Safer and more secured payment option

QR Pay

  • Supported in multi-currency
    Thb promptpayQR, Viet QR, MYR duitnow QR
  • More accessible across different plaform (Banks/e-wallets)
    3 steps easy-payment: Open > Scan > Verify

Our solutions is designed to increase conversions and reduce fraud at every step of the payment flow where you can easily get started quickly with our different solutions available on hand.

Fast. Simple. Secure.

Integrated Full Package

Integrated Full Package

Get full access to your full-fledge package with receiving accounts. It includes a one-on-one customer service to manage your accounts along with streamlined checkout flows, funds receiving, assets stashing down to optimisation, payout and settlement and more so you can focus on building the next big thing.

System Integration Only

System Integration Only

Launch and scale embedded payments through our integrated system which is easily setup in minutes, not days. The ease of onboarding gives you the full access to our dashboard with the help from our 5pay experts to assist you whenever you need. Comes in affordable pricing built for businesses for all sizes.

Simple Integration for

all your expansion needs.

Why Us?

5Pay is a complete payment platform, engineered for growth. We’re designed to help you capture more revenue across with the best in class service in place and here’s why:

Setup Payment in Minutes

Open account within 1 day with minimum KYC process.



Quick Transactions

Payment process is now as fast as 1 min deposit flow and 3 mins deposit confirmation.

Affordable Transaction Fees

We offer a world class system with budget friendly prices.

Secure Banking System

Our bank system is integrated with ISO standard to ensure optimum security.


Comphrehensive Security

Our team includes world-class security experts, all focused on strengthening our infrastructure.

Single Integration

With simple setup, you can easily get your payment up and running in no time.

24/7 Support

Our tested team is always on the top to serve you whenever you need.


Supported Banks

5Pay: Unlock the value of alternative payment methods




About Us

5Pay is Asia’s leading payment service provider and a member of FinCEN (31000177360230) with a rich experience in blockchain, crypto, finance, banking and internet technology, all in all focused in providing 24/7 support with ease of integration across. With our highest technological advancement support, our solutions provides millions of end-users supporting.

5Pay is built with the highest innovations and technology which enables our customers to make payment with just a click in place. Your user’s experience is out utmost priority and along with our highest commitment to continuously enhance our services is our key.

Our Mission

5Pay: Asia’s Leading Online Payment Gateway

With the continuous innovation leveraging technology, our aim is to build an ecosystem that will allows anyone to send and receive payments in a safe, secure way through 5Pay. Our key focus is to provide payment, payouts, and settlement services via Fiat and Crypto USDT currencies. 5Pay’s services are tailor- made to offer payment customisation and solutions for any merchant account. At 5Pay, our aim is to build deeper connections between merchants and their local customers across regions.

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Create an account and start accepting payments—no contracts or banking details required. Or, contact us to design a custom package for your business.

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It’s simple! At 5Pay, we offer a full range of payment options so you can give customers the experiences they expect. Simply let us know which integration you could opt for from our list of solution, our key personnel will take you up to speed in no time.

We’re your perfect payment gateway solutions!

From FPX down to QR, crypto. You name it! Our aim here is to continuously build a financial technology platform that helps you businesses to grow. Along with our vast coverage across various countries, we serve multiple businesses entities to unlock the potential growth for your business type!

With 5Pay, you can easily integrate and get you up and running in less than a week or less. Our track record, within 2-days time! – client please verify this point.

There are no additional fees beyond the solutions offered. The plan prices automatically include the plan features with the exception of any additional request included on customisation – client pls verify this point as well.

Within 10 mins tops! – client pls verify.

No, with 5Pay payment gateway, we do not have a contract fee for early termination – client pls. Verify.

In 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Authorisation – automatically receives notification on the transaction details for processing.
  • Step 2: Capture – post verification, funds will be available immediately for approval process.
  • Step 3: Settlement – with 5Pay, it’s sorted within 10-mins – client pls verify.

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