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Gaming Payment Malaysia

Monetizing gaming offers a good opportunity for businesses, yielding positive outcomes with being able to accept payments from gamers seamlessly. The Malaysian gaming industry is growing quickly in line with the global scenario, with mobile gaming alone reaching a hundred billion dollars this year. Game developers can make money when gamers buy their game or through in-app payments and pay-and-play.


What is Gaming Payment?

The continuous development of the gaming industry also leads to the growth of the payment industry that is why you will be surprised to see innovations and changes in video game payment solutions for a seamless overall gaming experience. Game developers are given the chance to offer various payment options for customers as well, from digital wallets, voucher systems, to instant transfers and customer accounts. Cashless payment seemingly comes as a standard even if the gaming industry is highly regulated.


Things to Consider when Integrating Gaming Payment in Malaysia?

Gaming payment comes with challenges including failure messages, slow transactions, and confusing processes. Cashless payments offer users the best experience. Before integrating gaming payment in Malaysia, consider the following factors:

Large volume transactions: expect to process large transaction volumes in the gaming industry, and most payment platforms offer pricing options based on the frequency and size of transactions. You have to make sure to get this right so that you pay just the right amount of money based on your transactions. It is wise to pick a company that allows switching plans as your company grows. Check your pricing regularly to determine any opportunities to save on costs. Keep in mind that your transactions are high risk since online gaming attracts scammers.

Chargebacks: There is always the risk of fraud and data theft as you grow your business and your payment option expands. Chargeback is not just costly, it can also take a toll on your reputation. Too many chargebacks could even force you to close your merchant account. Fraudulent activities include minor incidents such as children charging fees on their parent’s credit card or something more serious such as account takeovers by hackers. Hackers can make multiple unauthorized purchases when they steal credit cards and every transaction could be a potential chargeback that you have to deal with. To prevent this, use a PCI-compliant payment gateway as it has fraud screening capabilities such as CVV matching.

Winnings and credit payouts: A competitive rewards program is an effective way to attract loyal engagement and future spending. Offer loyalty and reward programs to your paying gamers. This is seen to increase the time gamers use a game and continue playing. A good payment gateway can automate these and provide detailed analytics on credit payouts.

Uninterrupted play experience: The last thing that users want is interrupted gaming. Online payment should never interrupt them and one of the ways to do this is through one-click checkouts for returning users.

In-app play and pay: Offering in-app play and pay is an effective way to enhance user experience. This allows players to purchase within the app without pausing play. This is a smart way to monetize since players are unlikely to spend money in the app store, which means you can offer the app for free then later have in-app purchases.

Global payments: It pays to be capable of accepting global payments and expect that your business is taking a global reach. Consider offering dynamic currency conversion for a smooth purchase since you can convert the user’s home currency.


How Does 5Pay Gaming Payment In Malaysia Work?

5Pay offers reliable gaming payment solutions. Users can enjoy fast and safe processes, with the ability to accommodate payments from all over the world. The process is simple. The first step is that the user places the order. The second step is completing the payment either with an online banking redirect or virtual account payment. The third step is to send a call-back signal and the last step is to auto credit to the platform account.  

5Pay covers different services including payment collections, online banking redirect, VA or virtual account payment, instant payouts, and multiple settlement options. 5Pay offers one-time API integration that allows clients to select payment channels to process payment using a local currency. With an online banking redirect, clients can complete payment transactions with one or two-step authentications. VA payments include local bank wire transfers and cash deposits using base currencies regardless of location. For instant payouts, clients enjoy instant processing of payout orders and receive funds the same day. For multiple settlements, merchants may pick different settlement options, such as 10+Fiat or crypto USDT.


Why Should You Choose 5PAY Gaming Payment in Malaysia?

5Pay offers numerous benefits as a payment gateway for gaming. It supports websites, mobile apps, and self-developed software. It takes pride in offering instant fund release (T+0), credit basis 1 to 1, fraud prevention with zero chargeback risk, low payment collection fee, settlement options that allow funds to be converted to any currency, and live chat support which is vital when clients face issues.


How Secure Are 5Pay Gaming Payments in Malaysia?

5Pay offers multiple levels of security when accessing merchant funds. All transactions pass through the central-local banking system, with a success rate of 100%. It also offers a one-time 25,000 USDT and fiat currency equivalent as a guarantee for clients’ fund protection. All payments are collected in a smooth process to eliminate chargeback.


Conclusion/Final Thoughts

While gaming payment processing in Malaysia involves challenges, there are trustworthy payment gateways such as 5Pay that are able to overcome these challenges and provide secure, reliable services to gaming developers. It can deliver fraud prevention features that boost security and data protection to reduce chargebacks that damage business reputation. It is also able to serve high-risk industries such as the gaming business. This payment gateway is aligned with the rapidly growing gaming industry, allowing you to expand numerous monetization opportunities and stay consistent in providing a smooth payment process. It is available 24/7 and highlights instant payment processing for gaming platforms.